Corey Knowles (Owner/Trainer)

With over 20 years of experience riding and working with horses, Corey's passion for teaching horses and humans alike shines through in all of her work. Corey has schooled through 3rd level dressage and Preliminary level eventing, she keeps a focus on solid basics and overall horsemanship. Corey spent four years on the east coast earning her degree in Therapeutic Horsemanship, competing nationally with the Intercollegiate Dressage Association, and working with a variety of trainers including Olympic gold medalist Dottie Morkis. Corey is currently accepting training horses and students of all experience and ability levels.


Samantha Sause (Owner/Trainer)

Samantha has spent most of her life around horses and has a constant ambition to improve her riding and horsemanship. Samantha has extensive experience working with young horses, putting a soft and solid foundation on every horse she rides. Samantha started her riding career in dressage and show jumping, completing a working student program with Friesians of Majesty as well as with Mclain Ward. In recent years, she has branched into barrel racing, and most recently, reined cow horses. Samantha is currently apprenticing under Jonath Robles. Samantha is accepting training horses and riding students of all levels.



Bailie Broadfoot (Trainer)

Bailie joins us as our colt-starting specialist! Bailie has spent her entire life with horses and has a passion for putting a solid foundation on young horses. Bailie has an optimistic and patient attitude toward dealing with the earliest stages of training as well as behavioral problems. Bailie has extensive experience riding in the high country, as well as gaming and roping. Bailie's philosophy is to never stop learning and find the lesson that every horse has to teach. Bailie is currently accepting training horses for basic ground work, starting under saddle, and addressing problematic behaviors.